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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Specs Headphone Earpiece Design Earbud (Intra-Concha) Driver Type Dynamic Driver Size 0.47" / 12 mm Active Noise Cancellation Yes Controls/Microphone Location Controls: Earpiece (Side Unspecified)Microphone: Earpiece (Side Unspecified) Full Remote OS Support Not Specified by Manufacturer Sensors Touch Microphone Number of Mics 3...


We almost always receive a pair of good earbuds when we buy a new smartphone. If you're looking for a premium product that is superior to the freebie you received, you have found the perfect place!

So What Would You Look for in a Pair of Earbuds?

Noise Cancellation

With the use of an electrical device, noise-canceling earbuds successfully filter out other outside sound waves.

Isolation of Sound

Many earphones' primary function is to separate music from outside disturbances. They isolate the sound by isolating the ear from background noise in order to do this.

Connection via Bluetooth

You can particularly enjoy your earbuds thanks to Bluetooth connectivity's increased comfort and mobility. You can experience great flexibility once they're connected to your smartphone.


Earbuds do use infrared technology, but it is only effective when you are in direct line of sight. However, unless you want to use the headphones for home theaters, they are essentially of no use.

Of course, elements like a product's price, appearance, and brand name affect your opinion of it, but they are insufficient on their own. Before making a decision, learn everything there is to know about your preferred earphones from Canada Electronics to prevent regretting it.